Roisin Ni Chleirigh is a professional executive and life coach, broadcaster and advocate for small businesses, start-up enterprises and women’s issues.

A mother-of-two now living in Kilkenny, Roisin is an experienced professional trainer and confidence coach and has dedicated much of her work as a broadcaster to giving a voice and platform to female entrepreneurs and small businesses. Roisin has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Media & Public Relations.

These twin experiences inspired Roisin to set up Confident Women Ireland, Ireland’s first dedicated professional and life coaching organistion for women.

Roisin says: “Through the course of my work as a life coach, holistic therapist and broadcaster I have worked with many talented and inspiring women at various stages of their personal and professional journeys. Many have endured their fair share of setbacks and challenges in life. I could see all this incredible potential: all they needed was the right type of support and expert guidance to help them to reset and rediscover their inner confidence and empower their lives.”

Roisin qualified as a life coach in 2007 and she presents the Woman to Woman and Start Me Up programmes on Community Radio Kilkenny City (CRKC). Before establishing Confident Women Ireland, Roisin worked as a professional trainer, start-up business coach, holistic therapist and confidence coach as well as her media work.

Roisin’s approach also draws from her own personal journey and the challenges she has overcome in her own life. She grew up as a confident young woman in Derry, Africa and the Middle East. After her separation and divorce, Roisin found herself single-handedly raising her two young children, with all of the physical, emotional and financial challenges this entails. She understands what it is like to be a strong, confident woman and how, in the blink of an eye, everything can suddenly change and leave you feeling like a shadow of the person you once felt.

As Roisin put it: “I know what it’s like to have to dig deep and rediscover your self-belief, self-value and self-appreciation and to find your own North Star. Many women, at some stage of their lives, find themselves questioning their value or self-worth after experiencing setbacks in their personal or professional lives. My own journey has given me the insight and strength to inspired me on the path to help others to find or rediscover their full potential.”

Confident Women Ireland offers a range of executive training courses that are individually tailored to suit each client’s specific needs. Roisin provides one-to-one training, mentoring, coaching sessions, group workshops and online courses to fit all budgets.

Roisin’s clients include women from all walks of life: from successful businesswomen to start-up entrepreneurs, women in their midlife, women looking to realign their confidence and others who, for differing reasons, find themselves needing the right expert guidance and support to unlock their potential to go the next level in their professional or personal lives.

I enable clients to realign their lives and help them to find their ideal work-life balance, to find focus, purpose and direction and to bring a sense of structure back into their personal and professional lives.

Confident Women Ireland provides an initial free consultation and, after careful consideration of each client’s personal circumstances, Roisin devises a structured course and roadmap to fit their individual needs.

To take the first steps, all you have to do is call Roisin directly on 087 418 7507 or email: info@confidentwomenireland.ie