Midlife and Menopause Confidence Coaching

Menopause can be a very challenging time, but it can also be a period of personal empowerment and healing for many women.

The midlife years, for many women, is a time to celebrate womanhood through the prism and wisdom of life experiences and knowledge.

To achieve this experience the key is not to allow the menopause to control you. For you to take control, reset mindset to confidently take back control of your life, understanding the changes to your body is part of the mind body and spirit connection.

Confident Women Ireland provides individual supports for women experiencing perimenopause and menopause. We offer one-to-one coaching, group sessions and holistic half-day sessions, which includes treatments and two coaching sessions. And we provide mindset coaching to help you to navigate this challenging and enriching phase of your life.

CWI founder Roisin Ni Chleirigh explains: “As a professional life coach and who is in the post menopause stage of my midlife, I can fully understand the impact the turbulence of the transition of the physical, mental and emotional changes going through a woman’s body and life. Menopause is like puberty in reverse.”

Roisin has dedicated much of her work as a life coach, holistic therapist and broadcaster to “break the taboo and silence” surrounding menopause, promoting the subject in the media with a wide range of medical experts and well-known commentators.

Confident Women Ireland provides expert support and guidance for women experiencing menopause. Roisin will work closely with you to create your own bespoke approach and strategy to help guide you through your midlife health and menopause wellness programme.

As Roisin puts it: “Every women experiences menopause in different ways so it is vital to find an approach that suits your health, mindset and personality (lifestyle). Our mission is to help you to live confidently and positively through this amazing chapter of your life, empowering you to rejuvenate yourself with renewed confidence and purpose.”